Monday, July 06, 2009

Health Care: Your Life May Literally Be On The Line

They are back starting today. And they are coming for your health care plan. It's not a matter of whether they are going to pass a plan. The bozos in the House and Senate think it's just a matter of compromise: They are working right now to bargain away your health care plan -- the one that 80% of us say we are happy with -- and replace it with a government bureaucracy of the type that regularly kills people in Canada and Great Britain (and let's not forget Oregon) to say nothing of the taxes on this sub-standard care that will kill us all.

Oh, they're not going to tell you their goal is government-run health care. You've got to read between the lines. Phrases like "compete with private health insurance" and "employer mandates" and "match goverment coverage" mean that the eventual goal is to squeeze out private coverage. After all how can a private insurer compete when your primary competition not only has unlimited resources but sets the rules of the game as well.

We've all got to call, melt the phone lines; write, crash the servers, make the fax machines work overtime. The Capitol switchboard number is at the top of this page or you can go to the House and Senate web pages. Our very liberty and the quality of care in the best health care system in the world hangs in the balance.

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