Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Global Climate Change": No Opposing Views Allowed

We've been told over and over again that "global warming" -- whoops, I guess it's "global climate change" now -- is "settled science". Why it's SO settled that esteemed CBS News reporter Scott Pelley likened presenting a balanced piece on "global climate change" that presented the contrarian view to talking to Holocaust deniers when doing a piece on the slaughter of Jews during World War II. "Shut up and take your medicine" is the message to rational thinking people who question the utter madness of the theory from Al Gore who has made literally tens of millions of dollars peddling "global warming" until it became "global climate change". Back in his pot-smoking college days, he probably fretted over "global cooling" when he wasn't too stoned to care.

You'll remember that the "poster child" of Al Gore's "global climate change" scam has been that cute little polar bear on the ice floe, in danger of drowning because the ice was just melting right under his cute little paws -- a scam within a scam that was de-bunked by the photographer.

Enter Mitchell Taylor, a renowned polar bear expert for over 30 years. It seems Mr.Taylor was disinvited to a meeting of the Polar Bear Specialist Group because his views on the polar bear population and "global climate change" in general don't match the pre-ordained purpose of the meeting: to produce a report that says that the polar bear population is threatened and shrinking due to "global climate change". To the contrary, Taylor says that man isn't causing global warming and the polar bear population is larger than it has been in 30 years.

You see "global warming", "global cooling", "global climate change" or whatever they decide to call their scam when the latest fad name wears thin is hardly settled science: Like every plank on the liberal agenda, it has nothing to do with facts and logic and every thing to do with leftist political dogma designed to control our lives in every way shape and form from the cars you drive to the light bulbs you use. People who don't agree -- and there are literally tens of thousands of scientists among them -- simply aren't allowed to participate in the debate.

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