Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Failing Obama Presidency - Our Activism is Working

We've had some real failures in the office of president of the United States in the past -- James Earl Carter Jr. comes quickly to mind. But none have failed quite as quickly or as thoroughly as the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. All of his wealth-destroying programs seem to be having a tough time:

It seems that, although he's gotten the U.S. House to commit to seriously crippling our country's industrial output by taxing the hell out of a gas that is essential to life, other world leaders, particularly ones who actually want the GROW their economies, are reluctant to voluntarily destroy their economies.

Meanwhile, while it's obvious that throwing trillions of dollars of money we don't have at the economy is not working, some of The Messiah's "economic advisors" are saying we need to spend even more even though the American people seem to understand that massive deficit spending isn't working.

These programs and plans are obviously failing of their own accord -- Socialism has never worked anywhere its been tried and never will and the natural inclination of the most free and proseprous society on the face of the earth is to reject it. But despite the fact that people will resist socialism in a free society, the majority of the leftist agenda would be sailing through a compliant congress were it not for the efforts of you and I -- the citizens of this country who are out there fighting for our liberty every day. We have to be committed to keeping up the fight, never let up until the leftists are banished from the White House and Congress and liberties are again secure.

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