Saturday, September 14, 2013

Barack the Terrible has Hired Fifteen Prominent Journalists Since 2009

If you are going to slant your reporting to favor Barack the Terrible and his incompetent, corrupt administration, why not just be on their payroll? Turns out Jay Carney wasn't the only media crook who decided to accept this offer. Fourteen other journalists have taken Barack the Terrible up on his offer of employment:

The news that Time magazine editor Richard Stengel is leaving his post to become the undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs prompted Atlantic Wire reporter Elspeth Reeve to examine how many reporters had left their jobs for positions in President Barack Obama’s administration. It turns out that quite a few journalists have found second careers working for the president.

“But it is the latest example in a growing trend of the White House reaching out to hire journalists. According to one count, at least 15 journalists have joined the Obama administration since 2009.,” writes The Daily Beast’s Ben Jacobs.

Stengel joins high-profile figures in the Obama administration who once served as reporters like White House Press Sec. Jay Carney and former senior advisor to Obama, David Axelrod. But lesser-known figures in the administration like former Washington Post reporters Douglas Frantz and Shailagh Murray, former CBS and ABC News reporter Linda Douglass, and former Associated Press and Boston Globe reporter Glen Johnson also once reported on their current employer.
We're not talking about journalists fresh out of their college internships. Like Carney, otherwise known and Mr. Claire Shipman, senior national correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America, hosted by Clinton apologist George Steponallofus, one of the most prominent ex-Democrat hack journalists on the planet, most of the folks who have gone form the dark side of journalism to the darker side of the Obama Administration are prominent journalists. 

As mentioned in the piece above most of these folks went directly from reporting on this single most corrupt administration in the known universe to working for them. So when you hear one of the "prominent" reporters from the "big three" networks standing up and solemnly giving their superficial  "unbiased" report on some aspect of Obama's crooked administration remember they could be giving that exact same report from the other side of the podium tomorrow. Look at Jay Carney.

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