Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wiener gets his Butt Kicked in NYC Mayoral Primary

Tony Weiner may still have that weiner he was texting to women that weren't his wife, but he lost his ass last night in the New York City Democrat mayoral primary:
Anthony Weiner got the last word on the matter of his failed New York City mayoral campaign and unfortunately, like his sexting shots, it wasn't a flattering one.

The disgraced ex-congressman was taped flipping the bird to a curbside reporter as he left his primary election night party. This after a disastrous last place finish, having earning just 5 percent of the democratic vote as surging progressive candidate Bill de Blasio topped all rivals.

The rude gesture was captured by a slew of journalists who subsequently tweeted about it and marks a sad epithet to Weiner's mayoral ambitions.
That's not all. Weiner apaprently was hassled by one of the women who was the subject of his weinerizing:

And making matters even more humiliating, according to CNN, around 11 p.m. Weiner was forced to delay his concession speech and sneak into his own party after Leathers turned up outside the venue wearing a skintight red dress and platform black pumps hoping to finally meet in person the man whose career she derailed. "I'm outside of Weiner headquarters just as a reminder of his impulse control problems and why he shouldn't be mayor. I'm a physical reminder of that," Leathers, who's since embraced a career in porn in the wake of her 15 minutes of fame, told ABC News. "I just felt that it was necessary for me to be here as a reminder of why the people of New York shouldn't vote for him and shouldn't take him seriously, unless they want a mayor 'Carlos Danger.'" Weiner evaded Leathers just barely by entering a McDonald's next door that had a connecting door to Connolly's. However, not before Leathers led a gaggle of press in hot pursuit of the politician before security could block them.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy than this pompous-ass little prick who was so completely full of himself that he actually thought he still stood a chance of winning this race even after the second time he was caught texting pictures of his hard weiner to women that weren't his wife. He was an obnoxious little bastard when he was in congresss and even more pompous and arrogant than he is now which is saying something. He's mean-tempered and has anger issues as recent events indicate and apparently still hasn't learned his lesson: People are tired of putting up with your crap, Tony. Go find a new career as a porno star (here's a suggestion for a title for his first porno movie: "Big Ego, Little Weiner") and leave us all the hell alone.

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