Friday, September 06, 2013

Loser Union Group OUR Wal Mart Protests 15 U.S. Wal Mart Locations Out of 4000

 The union fools are at it again. They aren't going after fast food chains this time. They are after their perennial favorite, Wal Mart:

NEW YORK (AP) — Three people participating in a New York City protest against Wal-Mart have been taken into police custody. About 20 employees, former employees and supporters gathered Thursday outside a Manhattan building where a member of the company's board of directors has an office. They delivered a petition calling for improved working conditions and reinstatement of workers they say were fired for engaging in labor activities. Police say one man and two women were charged with disorderly conduct for blocking the entrance to the building and trespassing. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is based in Bentonville, Ark. It calls the New York protest "a show" put on by union activists from other states. It says in a statement the "vast majority" of its workers don't share the opinions of the protesters.
Wal Mart is exactly right on this one: It is a show put on by union activists. These protests, at 15, count'em 15 of Wal Mart's over 4,000 U.S. stores, are a put-on by OUR Wal Mart -- a United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) front group.

Wal Mart is also exactly right that the "vast majority" of it's workers don't share the opinions of it's protestors. Among all locations, of 23,000 associates surveyed, 86% said they liked their job at Wal Mart -- an impressive number for any organization. Of these, 89% say they would recommend Wal Mart to a friend as an employer. In addition, the nationwide average wage for Wal Mart workers is nearly $13 an hour.(stats provided on Your World with Neil Cavuto on 9/5/13).

This is a nakedly transparent attempt by the UFCW to increase their ranks and, therefore, dues paying members. Wal Mart, the largest private-sector employer in the country at 1.3 million workers, has an employee base equal in size (or greater) to the UFCW membership. The UFCW is slobbering at the prospect of converting even a fraction of these workers into dues paying UFCW members. This has nothing to do with respect. If the UFCW respected Wal Mart workers they would leave them alone. It's about cold hard cash that would go into the pockets of union thugs if Wal Mart is unionized. And if Wal Mart were unionized and forced to pay higher than market wages for its labor, everyone suffers in the form of higher prices at Wal Mart.

It has been proven that Wal Mart does more good for lower-income Americans (and the rest of us) by virtue of their money-saving low prices than any welfare program the liberals have ever conceived. They are obviously a great employer as the majority of their employees polled testified to. The majority of their good-paying management positions are filled from the ranks of the hourly workforce. OUR Wal Mart needs to leave Wal Mart the hell alone.

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