Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obamacare Launch to be a Disaster

Don't take my word for it, believe liberal news outlet the Washington Post:

Buying health insurance will be as easy as purchasing a plane ticket or shopping on Amazon, the president has promised.
Maybe, but perhaps not on Tuesday — the day that millions of Americans are supposed to be able to start buying coverage under the sweeping law referred to as Obamacare.
Widespread reports of computer problems and logistical glitches are casting a pall over what many supporters envisioned would be a triumphant day for the embattled program. State and federal health officials have said in recent days that some key functions of the online insurance sites called “marketplaces” will not be ready right away. Some of the consumer guides meant to help people sign up for coverage are not yet certified to do so.

Some people who had planned events in conjunction with the opening of the marketplaces have called them off.
“We just kind of laughed and said, ‘Well, I guess we’ll have to reschedule,’ ” said Jason T. Andrews, an insurance broker in California. He had planned on Tuesday to get on the state’s online marketplace and enroll a couple of people who were excited about the health-care law and wanted to be among the first to sign up for coverage.
But he hasn’t been certified by the state to do the work. He hasn’t been able to see the exact rates his clients would have to pay on the marketplace. And he’s not confident that California’s site will be up and running, and fully functioning, come Tuesday. California officials insist the marketplace will be ready, and that the brokers will be certified in early October.
Obama administration officials have warned there might be rough spots in the early days. They also have said those problems aren’t likely to prevent people from signing up for coverage that starts Jan. 1, when many of the law’s benefits and consumer protections kick in.
 "Might be rough spots" is the understatement of the year: This law is one big rough spot.

Employers are being told that they must notify all employees of the availability of the health insurance exchanges but many of the health insurance exchanges aren't available. Additionally, many employees don't understand that if they are on their employers plan, they more than likely don't qualify. Nevertheless, many who are confused by the whole rollout have to be cautioned not to drop their current coverage because the actual insurance through the exchanges isn't available until January. Even when it is, it is likely going to cost more and provide less than what their employer-provided plan does.

But the train is headed down the track full speed ahead to the destruction of our healthcare system as we know it. Obama said you can keep your insurance if you like it. He lied. Obama said you can keep your doctor if you like it. He lied. Obama said everyone's health insurance premiums would go down. He lied. Obama says everyone will love Obamacare once it is implemented.  He's wrong and we will soon see how wrong he is.

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