Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tom DeLay Vindicated

Remember Tom DeLay? Probably not. The hard-core leftists who were on Capitol Hill in D.C. during the Clinton years certainly do: They hated his guts and they were determined to make him pay for unabashedly pursuing a staunch conservative agenda in the U.S. House. They succeeded in get DeLay out of the House but today the leftists lost and Tom DeLay won his appeal of the ridiculous and damnable charges against him:

Former majority leader Tom DeLay was back in his natural element Thursday, glad-handing lawmakers on the House floor in the building where he inspired a mix of fear, loathing and loyalty for a dozen years.
The Texas Republican had reason to celebrate: A three-judge appeals court panel ruled 2 to 1 along party lines Thursday to overturn his conviction on criminal charges of conspiring to funnel corporate money to state legislative candidates, calling the evidence “legally insufficient.”
Once one of Capitol Hill’s most powerful figures, DeLay, 66, left Congress nearly eight years ago after being indicted on the charges. “He just threw up his hands and walked out the door,” former House speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) recalled when he and DeLay learned of the former majority leader’s indictment. He was convicted in 2010 and later sentenced to three years in prison, though he did not serve any time while the case was on appeal.
“It’s a really happy day for me, and I just thank the Lord for carrying me through all of this,” DeLay said after the ruling, telling reporters that he was in the middle of a prayer meeting when he heard the news. “It really drove my detractors crazy because, you know, I had the joy of Jesus in me and they didn’t understand it.”
The Travis County, Tex., district attorney’s office said in a statement that it will appeal Thursday’s decision.
Yes, Travis County and Austin, Texas: The one dark blot of liberalism in an otherwise staunch conservative state with a DA that is more than willing to conspire with the leftists to destroy a decent, God-fearing man all because he stood up to the radical left agenda in Washington D.C. Cross the leftists and they will destroy you with a spitefulness, vindictiveness and hatred unmatched by anything in the political world. Ronnie Earle, the district attorney who pursued charges against DeLay was and is just such a spiteful and vindictive, detestable little man. Which is the reason why he filed false charges against DeLay in the first place. 

How do we know the charges were false? First of all, Earle shopped half a dozen grand juries until he could empanel one that would indict Delay on the false evidence Earle presented. Second, this court didn't just throw out DeLay's conviction on a two to one vote, the court rendered a judgement of acquittal, an unusual finding that means the court found absolutely no validity to the charges leveled against DeLay whatsoever!

Tom DeLay knows better than most the wrath of the spiteful little leftists on Capitol Hill in D.C. and one spiteful little leftist troll in the DA's office in Travis County, Texas. He won today, but ultimately, the spiteful little leftist trolls won. They utterly destroyed the life of a decent, conservative man. How does this good and decent man get his reputation back?

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