Sunday, September 08, 2013

Barack the Terrible to be on Fox News

Yes, it's true: Barack the Terrible is going to subject himself to an interview by Chris Wallace tomorrow on Fox News.

This tells you Barry is desperate to sell his ill-conceived Syria warmongering. 

You can count the number of times Barry has been interviewed on Fox News in four and a half years on the fingers of one-half of a hand. Barry occasionally sends his minions -- the reliable liars (which is the first box to check off on any resume for a position his administration) -- to peddle his BS but you never see Barry on a media outlet where he might get tough questions.

For the un-anointed: Those who have never watched Fox News because the buy into the mainstream media BS about Fox News having a "conservative" bias, you need to watch it before you render an opinion. Fox News is news the way it used to be -- fair and balanced as they say. They don't let politicians BS them with crap and they ask the tough questions and hold them to account which is something Barry and his ilk don't like.

If you think Fox News has a conservative bias think about this: Many respected mainstream journalists have come over to Fox News because they saw the writing on the wall at the left-leaning media outlets they worked for. Some of these names include John Roberts, a front-runner for Dan Rather's position a few years ago, Bill Hemmer, heavy-hitting anchor from CNN; Neil Cavuto, formerly of CNBC, Greta Van Suteren, formerly of CNN, John Stossel, formerly of 20/20 on ABC, Geraldo Rivera and don't forget Chris Wallace. All of these folks saw the writing on the wall and left their highly-paid prominent positions in the lefty media to go to Fox. Now they work for the number one cable news channel, bar none. Fox News is obviously doing something right.

Back to Barry. I don't know who he hopes to persuade by going on Fox News with Chris Wallace, but it shows how desperate he is to sell us on his Syria war plan. Barry realizes, however, that he has to go to the place that has the highest number of potential cable news viewers. Fox News viewers whatever their political persuasion tend to be informed and questioning. They don't lap up the mainstream media pablum, in fact that hate it which is why they watch Fox News. They aren't likely to be swayed by Barry's naked attempt to "reach out" to people who already have the good sense to know that everything that crosses his lips is utter BS.

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