Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Barack the Terrible: Stupidity on Parade

In just a few minutes, the liberal's president of the United States of America will go on television and make a total fool of himself. Barry's speechwriters are probably at this very moment furiously writing Barry a new speech. Yesterday and over the weekend, we were led to believe that we were going to hear Barry, community organizer turned warmonger talk about our imperative to lob missiles into Syria. Now he is going to tell us that he, in his benevolence, has pronouced a "diplomatic pause".

What has really happened is that he has been played by a Vladimir Putin, dictator, master politician and former KGB spy chief, into making the Russians look like the heroes and the peacekeepers, giving Russia a toe-hold in the Middle East peace process -- something they haven't had in two generations -- and through his utter stupidity has allowed Putin to issue the former most powerful nation on earth threats about taking action against Syria. Barack Hussein Obama and the people he surrounds himself with are indeed every bit as stupid as rational people thought they were and more.

Take John Kerry, for instance, who's gaffe made all this possible, who stumbled into this Russian "deal" by mistakenly and stupidly saying that the U.S. would consider NOT bombing Syria if Syria just allows an international group to come in and round up their chemical weapons and destroy them. Like this is really going to happen. But Russia and Syria were all too happy to jump on John F'in Kerry's gaffe and make it look like they were the peacekeepers.

This whole thing started over a year ago when Barack the Terrible said shooting, stabbing, running over, bombing and otherwise killing the Syrian people was just fine but he drew the red line at Assad gassing his people.

Fast forward to last month -- irnonically damn near to the day a year before that Barack drew his red line: Someon apparently gassed 140 Syrians. We don't know who, we have no concrete proof that Assad authorized it, it may have been the al Quaeda rebels for all we know, but someone crossed Barry's red line and Barry insists it was Assad. What followed is arguably the biggest build up to the smallest missile attack in U.S. military history.

Not long after the gas attack, Barack the Terrible hits full warmonger mode. He’s going to go in an unilaterally bomb Assad – not to effect “regime change”, not to kill Assad, not to topple the government, for no good US national security interest – no, simply to punish Assad like some petulant brat five-year-old.

Then we enter “the allies are on board phase” which lasted for all of about two seconds. The British were in according to Prime Minister David Cameron, then they were out after his crushing defeat in Parliament. No one asked the Israelis what they thought of the plan. We still have the Frenchie Frenchmen on our side. When the Frenchie Frenchmen took a powder, Barack was backed into a corner. What in the world was he ever to do.

Enter the “brilliant plan” stage. We’ve always heard Barack the Terrible is the smartest man on planet earth and he was about to prove it. Given his penchant for never taking the blame for anything (and the media not assingning blame to him for anything, Barry came up with a plan to allow him to blame congress for his ill-advised planned misadventure into Syria. Make them vote on it.

The new phase, ushered in by John F'in Kerry apparently with the full backing of his idiot boss, is the phase where Barack the Terrible (Kerry's idot boss), John Kerry and the rest of the administration, through Barry's, dithering, indicision, vasilating and stupidy, has handed on a silver platter the role of peacekeeper to an arguably evil dictator - Putin -- who is our sworn enemy whether Barry will admit it or not.

God help us all.  

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