Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barack the Terrible: Stooge for Assad, Putin and now Iran

Like the emperor who is prancing around naked while his subjects are telling him how beautiful his new clothes are, the media are absolutely crowing about Barack the Terrible's second huge foreign policy blunder in as many weeks and trying to portray it as some kind of great foreign policy feat.

While Barry refuses to talk to Republicans in Congress as our country heads for fiscal disaster, he is slobbering all over the place at the prospect of warming up relations with a country whose Supreme Leader wants to see us all dead. In fact, I haven't heard him call Iranian President Hasan Rouhani an extremist but if I had a buck for every time he called Republicans extremists in the last couple days I'd be a frickin' millionaire.

You might recall that Barry has made repeated attempts to kiss the new Iranian president's ass. Ever since the Star Wars bar scene meeting (otherwise known and the U.N. General Assembly) Barack has been swooning at the prospect of meeting new "moderate" Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Rouhani has made the court jester who purports to be the president of the United States look like a fool by rebuking any and all of Barry's attempts at a face to face meeting. Rouhani has said he just doesn't have the time to meet with the so-called leader of the free world.

But Barack the Terrible finally got the opportunity to kiss Rouhani's ass -- at least over the phone. Although we can all be certain that Barry would have loved to be there to smootch Rouhani in person as he has done to the likes of Daniel Ortego and Hugo Chavez over the years, finally yesterday, Barack the Terrible announced that he spoke in the phone with President Rouhani.

As you can imagine, the media have, in turn, been swooning ever since about how Barry is the first president to talk to an Iranian president since the last worst president James Earl Carter Jr. in 1979. As you might remember that little talk turned out great.Thirty four years ago, this last little phone conversation preceded the Iranian hostage crisis that ended in the opening days of the Last Great President Ronaldus Magnus's first term. For Barry to think anything has changed in the relationship over the last 30+ years makes him a fool.

You have to forgive Barry because according to his own account, he spent most of his time during the Iranian hostage crisis in a drug and alcohol-induced fog. But he should remember that the last nut job who was president of Iran repeatedly talked about how his sole aim was to see all Americans and Israelis dead. Just the other day, Iran paraded these missiles in a military assembly:

You can't read it written in Iranian but the inscription says "death to America" and the picture is of  Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the real leader of Iran, who hates us. And yet the liberals fool punk president of the United States thinks we have a real opportunity to negotiate the elimination of Iran's nuclear program with a "democratically-elected" "moderate" president of Iran. Could there be a more naive foreign policy fool than the current president of the United States?

So here's where we stand: In the last two weeks we have trusted two untrustworthy totalitarian dictators with the elimination of a chemical weapons program. The one who controls it -- Bashar Assad -- has recently said he doesn't need it because he has better weapons to use to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Now Barry thinks he can "negotiate" with the president of a country whose slogan is "death to America" and we believe Rounhani when he says his nuke program is for peaceful purposes only. God help us all!

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