Sunday, September 08, 2013

Barack the Terrible: Protests Against his Warmongering

The shoe's on the other foot for Barack the Terrible.These photos reveal a bitter irony for the liberal's supreme leader:

How ironic that the former peacenik community organizer who opposed ANY military action taken by GW Bush is being protested as a lying warmonger four and a half years into his presidency. What sweet irony this is for the guy who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing other than being elected president.

But four and a half years is a long time (as all of us who have suffered under Barack the Terrible's regime can attest to) and a lot changes in four and a half years. The community organizer who ran on a platform of getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan at all costs in 2008, finds that doing so wasn't as easy as just snapping your fingers and making it happen. His haste in getting out of Iraq pissed away all of the lives, time and money we spent liberating it and the country is descending into chaos. His dithering, confused military policy in Afghanistan has not only prolonged that conflict, it has cost three times as many of our brave military lives as the Bush policy in Afghanistan. And it looks like he's planning on leaving a mess on the date he's telegraphed to the world that we are leaving next year.

Apparently, Barack the Terrible likes his new role as warmonger though, because now we're on the brink of venturing into Syria. On scant evidence from the Obama regime of the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons, we're going to dive headlong into a conflict that could cause a total meltdown in the Middle East and put us in a full-scale war with Syria, Iran and Russia, jeopardizing our ally Israel in the process. Barry says that the goal is not to depose Assad, but what is the goal then? If control of the country falls into the hands of the rebels who have been co-opted by radical Islamists, Barry can pat himself on the back for having created two Middle East messes: Egypt and Syria. And this would be the best case scenario when you consider the worst cases -- war with Russia and the nuking of Israel. Way to go, Barry! Nice job bro!

Let's recount what's happened here: Barry stands idly by as Assad bombs, shoots, decapitates, stabs, maims, runs over and otherwise kills 100,000 of his people over a two-year period. But Barry draws the red line before he didn't draw the red line at the gassing of 1400 Syrians that Assad may or may not have authorized. Barry is apparently having a hard time making the connection to Assad.

While conservatives may have very little in common with the folks holding the signs in the pictures above, we can agree with the peaceniks on one thing: The Syrian misadventure Barack the Terrible is trying to sell would be an odd and arbitrary application of the use of U.S. military power. The use of military power by commie lib presidents typically is odd and unusual because of their total misunderstanding of the proper use of U.S. military power. There is no U.S. national interest whatsoever and bombing Syria would only further inflame tensions in the region and tensions between the U.S. and Russian which are already in bad shape due to Barry's reset policy. One can only hope that the peacnik war protests continue to grow as Barack the Terrible continues to beat his drums of war.

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