Friday, September 20, 2013

Chicago Shootings: Blood on Rahm Emanuel's Hands

It happened yesterday in Chicago, just like it does damn near every day of the year: A bunch of people were shot -- a big bunch of people, 23 people to be exact -- in the city run by Barack the Terrible's big buddy Rahm Emmanuel -- Barack and Rahm's city if you will. One of them was three years old, two were killed:

.Chicago’s reputation as a “murder capital” was once again affirmed late Thursday when gunmen opened fire on a crowded city basketball court, hitting 13 people, including a three-year-old boy in the face. The shootings were among 23 total taking place across Chicago in a 12-hour period. Two people are dead.
Sadly, outrage over the incident now follows a familiar pattern: The mayor releases a statement expressing outrage, the police superintendent holds a press conference expressing outrage, and people in Chicago’s most marginalized neighborhoods express outrage that they don’t understand why violence in their city continues to make their streets unsafe.
“Violence is just the result of the city’s inaction for about 50 years. They’ve abandoned these neighborhoods,” says Pat Devine-Reed, a 40-year activist in Englewood, a neighborhood on the city’s South Side that has long suffered population loss, blight, and crime.
A lot of Chicagoans want Emanuel's head on a platter:
To Ms. Devine-Reed, the discontent with Emanuel is simple: “I don’t think he has an inkling of what are the depths of the issues are. It’s not that he doesn’t care, I really don’t think he knows. He goes on tours of the neighborhoods and all he sees are surface stuff.”
She's right and if she was paying attention during Emmanuel's tenure in the Obama Administration she'd know he's a snide punk and she's absolutely right that he doesn't care. He's a hard core leftist like his big buddy Barack and they both think just like this idiot:
 Emanuel and Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy have consistently pressed the need for state and federal lawmakers to pass stronger bans on gun purchasing and ownership. “Illegal guns, illegal guns, illegal guns drive violence. Military-type weapons belong on the battlefield and not on the street corner or in Back of the Yards,” Superintendant McCarthy told reporters Friday.
You see leftist bureaucrats like this McCarthy and Emanuel (and Barry) think more gun laws -- more of the same gun laws that have caused Chicago to have an international reputation as a lawless city -- will cause the thugs who indiscriminately shoot Chicago's citizens with illegal guns to have some kind of epiphany and stop shooting people. Yeah morons, more ineffective gun control laws are the answer.

What is the answer?  Arm the law abiding citizens. Concealed carry is a proven way to reduce crime. Criminals are generally cowards. If they don't know whether or not the person they are thinking about confronting may be armed, they are less likely to attack them. Obviously the reverse doesn't work given the carnage in Chicago, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

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