Sunday, September 08, 2013

New Hampshire Poll not Good News for Marco Rubio

Could Marco Rubio's 18-point drop since April in polling of New Hampshire Republicans be due to his support of amnesty for illegals? Nah! Of course not!

Support for Sen. Marco Rubio among Republican voters in New Hampshire has dropped 18 points since April, according to the latest Granite State poll. Today, just 6% of GOP voters in the critical primary state would support him if he ran for President in 2016. He is now the 5th choice of voters in the state.
Rubio's net favorable ratings, the gap between favorable and unfavorable views, also collapsed in New Hampshire. In April, Rubio enjoyed a +51 favorable rating. Today, the number is down to +33, a significant drop for a popular Republican among base voters. The Senate Gang of 8 amnesty bill was released after the April poll.
It's still too early to tell and this poll may not mean much in the long run but it merely confirms the obvious: With his support of amnesty for illegals, Rubio torpedoed any chance he has of being a viable presidential candidate. His reputation as a guy who can run with the Beltway RINOs is firmly entrenched.

If anyone should respect the concept of playing by the rules and immigrating legally, it should be a guy whose parents did exactly that when they came from Cuba. He could have stood up for these principals with Texas Senator Ted Cruz -- another son of immigrant parents -- but he found it easier to buckle like a belt under pressure from the McCain/Graham RINO herd. He's acting like a Beltway weasel as well -- avoiding conservatives who might toss tough questions about his amnesty stance in his direction. He's shown weakness on the Syria issue as well, saying he hasn't made up his mind whether or not to support Barack the Terrible's ill-conceived plan to "punish" Bashar al-Assad.

Rubio has shown his dark RINO underbelly in recent months. He's show some decidedly un-presidential RINO characteristics that smack of Beltway RINO group think. He'd make a lousy president.

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