Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Christian Couple Closes Bakery Under Threat of Lesbian Lawsuit

What does this story prove?
A Christian bakery that refused to make a lesbian couple a tiered wedding cake because it would violate their 'religious beliefs' has shut down after months of hate-mail and plummeting revenues.

Melissa and Aaron Klein have been driven out of their shop in Gresham, Oregon - and are taking operations back into their home - after they say they received death- and also rape-threats and saw client numbers fall following their decision not to serve a lesbian couple.

Media reports say they have been hounded by hate mail since January when Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman were refused service and subsequently made a discrimination complaint to authorities about the bakery.
It seems to prove  that free speech and freedom of association and religion are the province of the left, not conservatives or Christians. How many other bakeries do you suppose these two could have gone to in Oregon to get a cake made for their "gay" wedding? Sounds like targeting Christians for harassment to me.

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