Saturday, September 22, 2012

9/11/12 Is Why Romney Must Win

A lot went through my mind the week of 9/11.
First, of course, was that sadness that has become so familiar over the past eleven years. And the vague unease with the coming of the day itself. It was a beautiful, blue-sky day, almost identical to that horrible Tuesday when the story of Chandra Levy and Congressman Gary Condit that had captivated us all for weeks was suddenly swept out of the public mind, which had no room for anything else once the planes had hit the World Trade Center.
As the day went on, it seemed somehow less observed than usual. I saw on Twitter that NBC’s Today show somehow managed to be talking to a Kardashian about breast implants when everyone else was in solemn observance of the exact time of the memorialized attack. Sadly, I was not surprised. For a few moments, I wondered whether it might be a good thing to return somehow to normal, to have as little notice for the day as we now have for Pearl Harbor, which rates not even a mention in my children’s school any more. I feel old just knowing that it occurred on December 7, 1941 (“a date which will live in infamy.”) No, I thought. Still too soon.
Then at some point I heard that our embassy in Egypt had been attacked, and the US flag torn down, burned, and replaced with some kind of flag of Islam. Again, not entirely surprised. I have been a pessimist about Egypt ever since our president decided to turn on our former friend Mubarak and sponsor the confused mix of anti-American, anti-imperialist, pro-Islamicist rebels to overthrow the government and take over the country. I believed only the radical Islamists had the institutional ability to create a government, and I believed that would be bad for Israel, and for America.
When I saw the Twitter feed of the embassy, I was again not surprised that those under attack, in our globally-minded new world order under Citizen of the World Barack Obama, would lead with an apology to their tormentors, blaming an obscure and nearly unseen video for what they portrayed as an understandable outburst of rage.
As a Romney partisan, I wondered what my champion would do or say about this horrific development, but I realized that he could not say anything on the anniversary of 9/11 that might be construed as political, due to the moratorium the two camps had agreed to observe in honor of those who lost their lives that day. Then, as the day moved on, the Twitterverse and the Internet lit up with reports of another embassy under siege—this one seemed more serious, and possibly deadly. Already aware that the President had turned down the plea of Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with him while both would be participating in the upcoming meetings at the UN, I was sickened to see that he was, instead, going to appear on Letterman and have a fund-raising party with Beyonce and Jay-Z. I was outraged to find that the President of the United States took time on the morning of 9/11 to spend ten minutes on the radio with someone called “the pimp with the limp” DJ Laz. On the anniversary of 9/11.
As the day’s events began to come into focus, I had never missed President Bush more. I remembered “President Bullhorn” as he climbed the debris and reassured the nation that he heard us, and that the people who were responsible for 9/11 would “hear all of us” soon. Watching our flag burn I also thought of the Democratic National Convention and how nearly every speaker screeched that “Osama bin Laden is dead” (with or without “and GM is alive”). I recalled how “President Saxophone” had spun a false narrative of the glories of his own presidency and tried to convince us that “no one” could have done a better job than Obama, and the video in which he said he hoped he would have made the same gutsy choice to go after Osama (when we know he actually made the choice not to). It made me sick to think there are people so disconnected from reality that they could believe a single word out of the mouth the man who shook his finger in our face and lied about his own behavior, who sent his Cabinet members out to defend his outrageous lie, and who to this day no longer has a law license because of his ethical violations. And I thought how very very much I cannot wait for “President DJ Jazzy Cool Dude” (or, in the words of Jimmy Fallon, the “Preezy of the United Steezy.”) to go away.
Finally, after the official day had passed, and just after midnight, Mitt Romney broke his enforced silence and denounced the policy of apology and defended the First Amendment and condemned the unconscionable violence. It was the right thing to do. It was the right thing to say. It was measured, and noble, and statesmanlike.
Until the media reported it.
The media was outraged that the Governor had the temerity to accuse the Obama Administration of apologizing, insisting that the Embassy workers in Egypt could not possibly have been speaking for the nation (though within twenty-four hours, the Secretary of State and the President of the United States would proffer multiple apologies to the Arab world, denounce a private citizen and the youtube video he put up, and call upon those involved with the creation of the video to remove it.) The media said Romney had “jumped the gun” (a phrase that quickly became the chosen term of art for this episode, until the President himself replaced it with “shoot first and aim later,” which his lapdog media immediately ran with.) The narrative of the day became (paraphrased}: “there was this video, and it is bad, and it made Arabs mad, and they attacked embassies, and our ambassador was unfortunately caught up in events. Oh, and also, Romney is an idiot, has wrecked his campaign, and has already lost. Obama rules.”
Unfortunately for the mainstream media, there are other ways of finding out information now. Soon, eyewitness reports appeared claiming that there was no way the Libya attack was spontaneous. The leaders of Libya admitted they had heard this sort of thing might be in the works and had told the State Department. And the embassy (which was not an embassy, but a mere consulate, and not an official one, either) was entirely undefended on the anniversary of 9/11 in Libya—the most recently-overthrown nation of the Arab world, where nothing should have been considered stable or safe.
As the story unfolded, we learned that the Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was known to be missing for ten hours, that the President went to bed not knowing where he was, that he might have been sodomized before being murdered and dragged through the streets by barbarians, that the Egyptian riot may have been a smokescreen that allowed the Libyan attackers through, and that the Ambassador had believed himself to be on al Qaeda’s hit list. And the President of the United States and the State Department had done nothing to protect him. On the anniversary of 9/11.
Today, more than a week later, we still have a president that can’t bring himself to have a face-to-face meeting with the leader of our key ally in a region literally on fire with anti-American hatred. We still have leaders attacking the First Amendment and apologizing to Muslims (while continuing to violate the Constitutional rights of Catholics). And we still have a media laser-focused on every word out of Mitt Romney’s mouth they can twist unrecognizably to fit their narrative of Romney as rich racist out-of-touch loose-cannon loser (despite the fact that Obama and Romney are tied in the polls). The same media that can’t find anything wrong with a President who admits he “believes in redistribution” and wants to “spread the wealth around,” who is presiding over an economy that has had unemployment over 8% for forty-two straight months, where more people go on food stamps every month than find work, in which nearly half of all Americans are receiving some form of government largesse, and where we are now less than 100 days away from the biggest tax hike in American history. Who is the same president who promised us that it would be just great when the Arab Spring brought democracy to the Middle East, who re-purposed NASA to make Muslims feel good about themselves and invited the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, and whose Administration went into full destruction mode when Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had the temerity to ask questions about the Secretary of State’s chief aide’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood (of which several of her family members are a part), who has said that the Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds in the world, and who plans to take the podium at the United Nations next week and apologize to Muslims for our First Amendment—in front of a body that includes nations where people have lost their lives defending freedom of speech and press and religion.
But there’s nothing to see here. The President rocks. And for three bucks you can have dinner with him. And salute him with your hands marked up with simplistic slogans, and pledge allegiance to his mutilated flag. And a 47/47 tie in the national polls means Romney’s already lost, so you might as well stay home.
For the media, that’s the end of the story. But not for me. And not for you. You need to know that the polls only get their Obama leads by including more Democrats than Republicans, by adjusting the ratios based on 2008 party identification patterns (if you believe those didn’t change radically in 2010, you haven’t been paying attention.) That if you adjust the numbers based on more realistic data, it’s a dead heat nationally and Romney leads by 1 to 3 in most of the swing states.
You should be aware that even though the media has reported that Obama has more cash on hand than Romney does (about 80K to 50K), they have NOT reported the equally true information that the Republican National Committee has ten times as much cash on hand as the Democratic National Committee does. And that if you put them together, the Republicans have about 40% more money than the Democrats, and that there is a grassroots campaign for conservatives and Tea Party adherents that is just beginning to activate, after having prepared for months for such a time as this.
Because of the money advantage, expect the Obama campaign to call in all its media chits (and they are prodigious) and appear in every free public venue possible, in order to stay solvent. However, considering how he spends his money (and ours), there is a very real possibility that if his minions don’t do well at the Obama Yard Sale and whatever other petty fund-raising tricks they’ll employ, the campaign will run out of money before the election. This is why the media has to keep telling you Romney has already lost, so that by the time the debates happen the impression will be ingrained enough to overcome whatever actual success Romney has in them.
But don’t give up just because the Obama camp is not fighting fair. Don’t forget that they are not fighting fair. Don’t forget that they’ve made fun of every personal attribute of Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, and Paul Ryan they can think of (including Ann Romney’s horse). Don’t give in when people repeat the false narratives of the media to you; respond with the truth, and make a convert.
Truth will win, and it is on
As Andrew Wilkow says on The Blaze (Dish channel 212), “We’re right. They’re wrong.” We will be victorious. And victory means one thing, as Ronald Reagan said, “We win. They lose.” That’s the plan.
We only have a few weeks left.
So get out there, and make it so.

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