Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introducing Honorary NFL Commissioner and Celebrity in Chief Barack Hussein Obama!

Move over, Roger Goodell, Barry wants your job:

"I've got to tell you, I don't like the idea of a quarterback controversy at the start of a season," Obama told WNBS in Ohio. "If I were a Jets fan, I'd be pretty nervous. Sanchez is not Tom Brady yet, but he led them to the playoffs two years in a row. I think Tim Tebow seems to be a wonderful young man and he's got just a great, winning attitude … but there's going to be a lot of tension in that situation."
Of course Barry had an opinion on the NFL replacement refs as well:

(CNN) – Even the president is ready for the replacement refs to go.
On Twitter Tuesday, President Barack Obama wrote:

NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs' lockout is settled soon. -bo
Perhaps he doesn't want Goodell's job, maybe he wants a starting QB job:

When he wasn't opining about the NFL, Barry the First Celebrity was pretending to be a serious, intelligent guy on a non-serious, unintelligent show featuring a bunch of old boobs -- literally and figuratively (with one notable conservative exception):

Barry can't be bothered to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu to talk about the fact that the smelly psycho from Iran threatens Israel and the U.S. every time he opens his mouth -- he's too "busy". His spokesidiots say, he doesn't need to meet one on one with world leaders at the United Nations summit this week -- he'll see them at receptions.

He can make the call on dueling quarterbacks, replacement refs, basketball pools, etc. but he can't bring himself to call terror attacks terror attacks and all he has to say about acts of war, murder and rape committed on our sovereign territory in Libya is that he "condemns" it "in the strongest terms".

This moron is so out of touch, he can't even give David Letterman an accurate ballpark figure on the national debt.

What does this all add up to? The hard-core leftist's favorite president loves the power, prestige and accoutrements of the office; he loves the celebrity and he loves having a bully pulpit from which to preach and institute his hard-core leftist agenda. But he doesn't like doing the job and he does the job crappily. He's a non-serious jackass and we need to kick him out of office in November. 

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