Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Voter Fraud Season Begins

Yes, today was the beginning of the cheatin' season in Iowa -- that period weeks and weeks before the election when you can walk in to various locations -- usually surrounded by Barack Obama bumper stickers and lefty loons -- and vote:

The first day of early voting in Polk County was busier than ever for election staff.
By 4 p.m., 550 people had cast ballots at the Polk County Election Office. In 2008, 100 people voted on the first day but that number had been far eclipsed by 11 a.m.
Of those, 401 were registered Democrats, 90 were Republicans, 57 had no party affiliation and two were affiliated with other parties, said Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald.
He could not say who people had actually voted for.
After an initial two-hour rush when the polls opened at 8 a.m. that led to hour-long wait times and was largely a function of Obama campaign efforts, the office saw a steady stream of people throughout the day, Fitzgerald said.
 Original story:
The first ballots are in, and judging from the myriad of Obama stickers, buttons, signs and campaign volunteers enthusiastically trawling down the line in front of the election office, in Polk County most of the ballots so far were for President Barack Obama.
Why is this primarily a Democrat phenomenon? Because early voting it the perfect set up for voter fraud. When you can vote in every imaginable building from a frat house to a Mexican restaurant, the logistics of safely and securely getting ballots from all these locations to the county auditor's office present nearly unlimited opportunities for voter fraud. And Democrats are the kings of voter fraud -- rampant voter fraud is essential to the Democrat machine if they want to win and it's been happening for decades.

Perhaps the most famous example of this is how Joe Kennedy was able to gin up enough illegal votes in Chicago in 1960 to hand his son the presidency. Much more recently, you have a commie-lib senator from Minnesota -- Al Franken, a despicable human being and not even very funny in his other occupation as a comedian -- beat Norm Coleman by 300 votes in a state where -- whoops! -- 1,100 felons voted illegally. The Democrat's push to get college kids to register at school is legend as well ... even though many of them are also registered in their hometowns. A recent audit of Florida voters showed thousands of snowbirds register in Florida and their home state.

Why do you think Democrats so strenuously object to states cleaning up their voting rolls -- a process derisively called "purging the voter rolls" by Democrats and their sycophants in the liberal media?  How many states this year are being charged by Democrats with "discrimination" for doing a standard process they've been doing for decades? It is for this same reason that they yell "discrimination" when Republicans want to institute simple laws that require voters to show a picture ID at the polling place. They make the absurd claim that requiring a picture ID "discriminates" against lower income folks even though everyone is required to have a picture ID to drive, buy cigarettes and booze, get on a plane among other common daily activities. However these same liberals have no problem with thugs standing at the entrance of a Philadelphia polling place brandishing billy clubs.

That early voting is a process rife with the potential for fraud that benefits Democrats isn't even debatable. In lil' ole flyover country Iowa, 35% of ballots cast were cast before election day in 2008. And Barack Obama was losing Iowa before these votes were counted. And from the numbers above, it is clear that Democrats are turning out these potentially illegal votes in record numbers this year in early voting. There are many of us in Iowa who have witnessed attempted voter fraud by liberal groups in previous elections. And if it happens here, you know it's epidemic in big liberal states such as Illinois, New York and California. In fact we know it is because we hear about it every presidential election cycle. And how many of the dozens and dozens of documented cases of voter fraud involve Republicans? Damn few.

An ObamaBot Zombie was quoted thusly in the above article:

Mark Cooper, who wore no Obama bling but sported a union name on his sweatshirt was first in line.
Cooper didn’t have much to say about being first in the county to vote – it was “no big deal,” he said – but more to say about why he was supporting Obama. And he said the turnout, while expected, was “great.”
“I think we need to open up the election process and make it as easy to vote as possible,” Cooper said.
 Wrong again, Zombie Cooper. Voting is our precious franchise, not a fast food meal. The process isn't and was never intended to be "as easy to vote as possible". In fact keeping it difficult may ensure that fewer uninformed morons get out and vote. But this would tend to favor those of us who are informed and take our franchise rights seriously and Democrats have a hard time getting informed people to vote for them. Which is why they want to get as many to vote before they've had a chance to think about what a mistake they would be making if they voted for Barry.

While Democrats are in favor of allowing every deadbeat and moron in the known universe to vote as early and often as possible, one group whose franchise rights they don't seem to be particularly concerned with are the fine, brave military men and women who fight and die around the globe to protect our right to vote in this country. This is one of the few groups of Americans who richly deserve all the steps we take (and Democrats oppose) to allow them vote early and have their votes counted.

Mr. Cooper, if you have nothing better to do with your day than wait in line outside an early voting station, you can darned well wait until November 6 and drag your sorry ass down to a REAL polling place on election day. If you truly valued your franchise rights, you'd find a way to make this happen. If 19-year-olds willingly put themselves in harm's way and die overseas fighting defending your right to vote for your idiot president, it isn't too much to ask for you to show up on election day.

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