Monday, September 03, 2012

Democrats Desperate to Fill Huge Arena for Obama Speech

Hope and change are gone, gone, gone and Barack Hussein Obama is not the messiah anymore. We've found out that his "great oratorical skills" consist mainly of being able to read words someone else has written as they go by on the TelePrompter. There are no more fake Greek columns, people aren't swooning and passing out at Obama events. Even the whole spectacle of nuts chanting "yes we can" as if in a trance has gone away because even Obama's most ardent supporters realize that he fell far short of the hype. And when all you have to hang your hat on is "Bush did it, Romney sucks and I want another term" it's not hard to see why the Democrats are concerned about being able to fill a huge arena with ObamaBot Zombies for the "Bush did it, Romney sucks" acceptance speech:

 Desperate Democrats are handing out tickets to students and volunteers in a scramble to fill seats for President Barack Obama’s Thursday-night accepting nomination to a second term, according to The Associated Press.

The campaign needs to fill 74,000-seat Bank of America stadium to capacity when Obama speaks.

Doling out of tickets to just about anyone is a far cry from the “hope and change” fervor that permeated the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

“The entire campaign is very different, and by extension, so is the convention. (It’s) a little bit like renewing one’s marriage vows — important and special, but it does not necessarily have the magic of the first time,” Democratic strategist Chris Lehane told the New York Daily News.

They know they are facing an uphill battle because they've been having a hard time filling small venues. They were only able to get 6,000 people to show up in the middle of a university campus of 30,000 in Iowa. Obama minions were blanketing the campus of Des Moines Area Community College in hopes of finding enough students to show up at an event in downtown Des Moines -- 15 miles away. It's not looking good for Barry.

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