Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AE Teamsters Wise Up and Go Back to Work

Anderson Erickson's strategy of playing hardball with a bunch of ungrateful employees and their union thug puppet masters worked: The well-paid workers are suspending their strike:

DES MOINES, Iowa — About 300 workers at Anderson Erickson Dairy in Des Moines will return to work despite a vote by the local Teamsters Union to not accept the company's latest contract offer.

A strike began early Monday morning after workers rejected the proposal the night before, but the strike was suspended Monday night to allow negotiations to continue.

Mike Klootwyk, the vice president of Teamsters Union Local 120, said the latest proposed contract would have required workers to accept a pay freeze and to pay significantly more for health care insurance.

Several dozen picketers with "On Strike" signs walked around the dairy's building on the city's east side earlier on Monday.

The previous four-year contract expired in March.
What does this prove? This proves that the well-paid but ungrateful AE workers are smart and that the overpaid, under performing union reps like the $128,000 man cited above, are worthless.

In fact, many of these AE workers may not be ungrateful -- they may just be misguided by overpaid, under performing union thugs into thinking they are getting a raw deal for having to potentially pay $105 a month for what is most certainly pretty decent health insurance and accepting a pay freeze when they already make a pretty decent wage for the work they do.

In an national climate where the real unemployment rate is over 14%, the median household income is about $3,000 less than the average AE worker makes and most employees pay a hell of a lot more for their health insurance than $105 a month, perhaps AE workers, after some time for reflection were able to realize on their own that they weren't getting such a raw deal after all.

Now if only they were smart enough to tell the Teamster's Local 120 thugs to piss up a rope and stop paying dues that go right into the pockets these overpaid bullies that do nothing for them.. Nothing more, that is, than endanger the livelihoods of hard-working dairy employees that work for a decent employer than pays them outstanding wages and benefits.

Read more: http://www.kcci.com/news/project-economy/AE-Dairy-workers-strike-suspended/-/9356884/16713420/-/1kkodjz/-/index.html#ixzz27WTZ9G8s

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