Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obama Campaign "Dishonest, Divisive" Says Zuckerman

Ya think, Mort????? Whatever gave you that idea? Bankrupt of ideas, hope vanished, "fundamental change" no one wanted well underway, what's a failed president to do but lie, cheat and steal to desperately try to win and election. When prominent libs start saying it out loud -- and Zuckerman isn't the only one -- you know the wheels are really starting to come off the bus:

Mortimer Zuckerman, the influential Democrat editior-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report called the Obama campaign “dishonest, divisive” in an article published in the online edition of the magazine.

“It is a dishonest, divisive campaign. It's discouraging of enterprise,” he penned. “It does the opposite of uniting the country to deal with the current economic crisis.”

Zuckerman, who is also the publisher and owner of the New York Daily News, said that Obama’s argument on taxes “is not just about whether the super-rich should pay more,” which he would support.

“It is about whether individuals, households, and small businesses should now be seen to cross the threshold into a plutocracy when earnings reach $250,000 a year — which buys much less in metropolitan areas than in the heartland,” according to Zuckerman. “It is outrageous to infer that aspiring to reach such a level is somehow un-American, and the Obama campaign surely must know that. Shame on them if they don't!”

Zuckerman blamed “careless remarks” on the part of GOP challenger Mitt Romney for allowing Obama to “get away with a program that pits ‘the millionaires and billionaires’ against the people.”
As far as "careless remarks" go, the Obama Administration has the market cornered on them, but Zuckerman's buddies just don't feel they are important enough to report them. Instead, they choose to report Romney's inelegantly-stated truth as a gaffe while ignoring not just the gaffes (Egypt isn't an ally but they aren't an enemy, they want to put ya'll back in chains) but the blatant, outright, in-your-face lies the Obama Administration and campaign tell seemingly on a minute by minute basis: 

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain:
  • the murder and rape of our ambassador in Libya was "spontaneous" and "unplanned"  oops, I guess it wasn't
  • the economy has created four million jobs during the Obama presidency. Uh oh, but able-bodied Americans are dropping out of the workforce by the hundreds of thousands every month and unemployment by any measure is at it's highest sustained level since the Great Depression.
  • this is understandable, however because it takes longer than four years to recover from the "worst recession since the Great Depression". Except for the fact that the "worst recession since the Great Depression" was actually during the last worst Democrat administration -- Jimmy Carter's -- and Ronald Reagan came in and turned the whole mess around on a dime, giving us the most prosperous time in modern American history that lasted clear through the Clinton Administration.  And he did it by doing the polar opposite of what Obama is doing today.
  • President Obama has proven to be "great" on foreign policy. By genuflecting to our enemies, dissing our greatest ally, decimating our defenses, ignoring our border problems, increasing illegal immigration, eliminating our manned space program, forcing us to beg enemies to give us rides to the space station and eliminating missile defense programs that protect us and our allies. 
  • oh yeah, and Fast and Furious began under GW Bush and Eric Holder ended it immediately when he found out about it. Except that it didn't.
  • the "affordable care act" will provide quality health insurance for everyone at a reduced cost. Tell that the the six million middle class folks who are going to be hit with a penalty for not buying health insurance -- more than double the previous estimate. And speaking of inaccurate estimates, how about the actual cost of Obamacare -- more than double what we were told.
This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. The list of lies is unending: Lies about the economy, lies about jobs, lies about the environment, lies about foreign policy, lies about defense, lies about domestic policy, lies about healthcare, lies about taxes, lies about wealth, lies lies and more lies - 24/7, 365. And every lie is told over and over again repeatedly, day after day, completely unchallenged by the assembled ObamaBot Zombie media groupies.

So here's my suggestion to you, Mort: Rather than bitching about what a "dishonest, divisive" campaign Obama is running, do something about it: Get your buddies in the liberal media to hold Obama accountable for all the lies. 

Fat chance!

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