Sunday, September 02, 2012

Forward! ... Er... Backward Into Communist History

Nearly everyone has seen this slogan at an Obama rally this year:

But how many people actually know what meaning this has to Communism throughout history? Well, read and be enlightened, folks.

You see, this is just another manifestation of the liberal lie: Hang an audacious, bald faced reference to Communism out there -- even going so far as to use it as your slogan -- and dare people to call you on it. You can't tell me that David Axelrod, who cut his teeth in a Communist household and of whom known Communists boast of mentoring and working with isn't aware of the connection. Do you think Michele Obama's best friend in the entire world and Barry's closest adviser Valerie Jarrett isn't aware of this connection? Don't rely on my links -- all you have to do is search for Axelrod and/or Jarrett and communism or communist. Sure, there are the nutcase links there but you'll find plenty of credible ones as well.

If two of Barry's closest advisers are aware of the connection -- and given their backgrounds there isn't any possible way they couldn't be -- what is the possibility that Obama is unaware of the connection? Try slim to none.

This brash leftist administration is hanging its  ideology right in front of us everyday. It'll be on the podium in front of Barry at every campaign rally. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice and we're all screwed. Of course about 47% of us weren't fooled the first time. The future of this country as we know (knew?) it depends on us being able to convince another 5-10% to come along with us and vote this leftist ideologue out of office in November.

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