Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Chief of the Food Police Wants a Second Term

Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama, Chief of the food police, wants a second term and not just for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Oh, no! The Chief of the food police wants a second term to reeducate us about how to shop, what to eat, how much to exercise and force grocery stores to sell what she thinks they should sell.

 (CNSNews.com) – Asked by Parade magazine, "What do you hope to accomplish in your second term?” First Lady Michelle Obama said she wants to "impact the nature of food in grocery stores" with the aim of cutting sugar, fat and salt.
“With 'Lets Move!,' our goal is to end the problem of childhood obesity in a generation,” Mrs. Obama said. “And while we’ve seen some very profound cultural shifts, we still have communities that don’t have access to affordable and healthy foods. We still need to find a way to impact the nature of food in grocery stores, in terms of sugar, fat, and salt.”
Mrs. Obama also discussed the challenge of “educating families” on healthy lifestyles in a society where “TV is rampant.”
“[W]e need to keep educating families about how to structure a life that is healthy in a society where TV is rampant and communities don’t have enough resources in terms of sports and activities,” she said.
Yes, folks, we're to stupid to know how to shop and eat, too addicted to TV and need to be "educated on healthy lifestyles". Doesn't she mean "reeducated"? What a great idea! We can have reeducation camps to "educate families". We can force vendors to sell "affordable healthy foods" in the 'hood and we can "impact the nature of food in grocery stores by forcing them to sell what the chief of the food police thinks is appropriate.

Whatever happened to the good ole' USA where we used to have the freedom and liberty to decide what we wanted to eat when we wanted to eat it and to decide whether we wanted to get out and run a 5k or veg in front of the TV? These choices my be a the relic of a bygone era if Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama Chief of the Food Police gets a second term. But not for her of course. For Mrs. Food Police Chief, it'll still be Wednesday night parties with imported food from all over the globe.

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