Saturday, September 22, 2012

Romney OVERPAID Taxes in 2011 -- Leftists STILL not Happy

Mitt paid nearly $500,000 more than he needed to in taxes due to not taking the full write-off for charitable donations and that pissed off Harry Reid:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid charged Mitt Romney with manipulating his 2011 taxes to “conform with his public statements,” after the Republican presidential challenger's return showed he paid nearly $500,000 more than he should have.

"Governor Romney is showing us what he does when the public is looking," Reid said. "The true test of his character would be to show what he did when everyone was not looking at his taxes."

Reid was referring to the Republican presidential candidate's decision not to take the full write-off on the huge amount he and his wife Ann gave to charity last year. The return, released Friday, show the couple donated some 30 percent of their $13.7 million income — but they did not take the full write-off, making their effective tax rate higher.

One tax expert estimated that decision cost the Romneys a little under half a million dollars.
This proves a couple of things: First the old adage that a Republican can't do anything right has never been more true. Romney should have stood firm and refused to release any more tax returns because he's damned if he did and he's damned if he didn't. Second, this is exactly as all of us conservatives predicted: The liberals only wanted more Romney's tax returns out there so they could beat him over the head with them. They aren't interested in the fact that Barry's big buddies Jay Z and Beyonce are wealthier than Romney could even imagine, as are some of his pro athlete buddies he likes to play pick up games and golf with. THEY'RE liberals.. Nobody seems the least bit interested in how Dirty Harry Reid became a multimillionaire when he's been a public servant for decades (can you say influence peddling and land deals?). And no one remembers four years ago when Shiftless Joe Biden released his income tax returns and he had paid $360 to charity on over $300,000 in income -- far less than most Americans gave to their churches on a fifth of the income.

So what did we learn with this little exercise? Romney has worked hard to earn his money, he probably paid closer to 50% on his income because this $13.7 million was already earned because most of it was investment income and had to earn it in order to invest it. He and Ann are very philanthropic people -- they gave a bigger portion of their income to charity than most rich libs did. And libs are still going to paint him as an evil bastard Republican.

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