Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Lies Just Keep Coming ...

This time it's Joe Biden in the role of Pinocchio instead of his usual role as Bozo:
Biden: [Barry the Great]“Has done more for Israel’s physical security than any President of the eight I’ve served with.” (clapping)
I mean if this just isn't the whopper to end all whoppers. This administration IGNORES Israel even as it's prime minister begs for a meeting with the president and repeatedly asserts that in the absence of US assistance, Israel may have to act on it's own to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Barry pussyfoots around on the issue of Iran and nukes while every other word out of the smelly Iranian president's mouth references either nuking Israel, killing all it's people or death to America or all three at the same time.

Meanwhile back at the White House, Barry's busy schedule keeps him from meeting face to face with Benjamin Netanyahu because he's to busy meeting with David Letterman, the old boobs on The View and the Pimp with a Limp. And of course, he never misses a beat out on the campaign trail flying around the country on our dime even as our ambassador is killed in Libya, his consulate is burned to the ground and one of the brave Marines trapped with him chronicles their demise on Twitter. This was "just a bump in the road". As apparently, will be the destruction of Israel. And Biden is now asserting that Barry has done more to support Israel than any of the past eight presidents! The lies are brash, bold and in your face. And if the majority of us are stupid enough to believe the thousands being told by Barry and his minions, we unfortunately deserve another Obama term

Meanwhile, a tepid response from our candidate (of course I haven't heard video of this like I have Bozo's remarks so it may have more context than is presented here):

Mitt Romney in Wayne, Pennsylvania:
Romney: “I sure as heck don’t consider Iran becoming nuclear a bump in the road. We need someone who recognizes the seriousness of what’s ahead and is willing to lead.” (cheers)

Here's a suggestion Mitt: Make sure you stress that this president is the weakest president in modern US history and all of our lives are endangered by it:

 The safest we have ever been in this country in the late-20th and early 21st centuries was in the 80s when we were strong and every rogue nation knew that we would back up our talk with action. Ironically, for most of the 80's all we had to do is talk because the fact that we were willing to back up our talk with action kept things quiet.

Our enemies know we are weak, they know this administration mirrors a third-world dictatorship in it's dishonesty and corruption and they are taking full advantage of it. If this corrupt, third-world style thug is re-elected and Iran wipes Israel off the map, will anyone remember Joe Biden's lies?

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