Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Happened to Obama's "Arab Spring" in Egypt?

We've known it wasn't true even before Barry made his idiotic "Arab Spring" comments about "democracy" in the Middle East -- chiefly in Egypt. Now it seems, we are seeing how foolist these comments were as radical Islamists storm the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Oh, and did you know an American was killed today when gunmen stormed the U.S. Consulate in Lybia?

Nothing is more important than our standing in the world because if we don't have a strong prescence in the world and effective foreign policy, we can't lead free nations in assuring that the world is safe for democracy. From Egypt to nuclear proliferation in Iran to tens of thousands dead in Syria, to the mess in Afghanistan what does Barry do? He sits on his hands. When he responded to the situation in Egypt, his knee jerk reaction was to genuflect and apologize.

Barry betrays our staunchest allies Israel and smootches the butts of Communists and Cold War throwbacks like the current leadership in Russia -- don't wrry Russia, he'll have more leeway to kowtow to you after he is re-elected and can go full steam ahead with the ass-kissing. At the same time, Barry is deliberately weakening our defenses by slashing military budgets while increasing our dependence on foreign oil byt chasing the "green energy" pipe dream. Meanwhile, we continue to sell our debt to a country that 30 years ago was a third-world laughingstock under Republican presidents.

How long will it take to for a President Romney to begin to undo the damage Barry and his merry band of incompetents has done? It''ll take at least two terms of President Romeny, two of President Ryan and more than that to undo the damage Obama has done. Let's hope we get started down the path out of the dark days of the Obama presidency this November.

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