Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney's Right: Obama Foreign Policy is a Laughingstock

The problem with Obama's foreign being a laughingstock is that Obama's foreign policy is currently US foreign policy.

Obama's joke of a foreign policy proved deadly for four American citizens today include our Libyan ambassador Christopher Stevens. But all the ObamaBot Zombie liberal media seems to be talking about is Mitt Romney's response to the US Government's first official position on the attack on our embassy in Egypt. Romney's response is not the point but it gives the Obama sympathizers in the liberal media something else to talk about besides the actual news: That the Obama Administration’s policy of genuflection, weakness and confusion puts our standing in the world in jeopardy and puts all of us in greater danger.

Romney didn't react too quickly or "overreact" to the US embassy's statement. As Romney said, the US Embassy in Egypt IS the federal government. That fact that the Obama Administration ended up denouncing the statement and issuing a new one merely indicates the total confusion and lack of coordination and leadership in Obama's foreign policy.

This type of confused foreign policy makes the world a much less safe place than it is when the US leads with the doctrine of peace through strength. Communist dictators, radical Islamists and other bad actors like Russian President Vladimir Putin see Obama listening intently as tin pan Central American dictators run down the greatest nation on the face of the earth. They see Obama whispering sweet nothings in the ears of foreign leaders, making promises that he'll be able to smooch 'em real good when he's re-elected. They see Obama making promises to eliminate OUR nuclear weapons even as radical nut job states rush headlong into developing their own. They see Obama turning his back on Israel. They see Obama reneging on missile defense agreements with former Soviet-bloc states. They see Obama slashing the size of our military. They see all of this and they know that the great United States is being transformed into a paper tiger by a president who loves himself and his father's radical ideology more than he loves America. They laugh, knowing that in the era of weak US foreign policy, they can get away with murder. And they do.

Peace through strength worked for the eight years of the Reagan Era. The only time it failed is the one time Reagan showed weakness and we lost 200+ Marine "peacekeepers" in Lebanon. We showed weakness during the Clinton Administration and the next eight years were characterized by war. What will the eight years following an Obama defeat hold for us now that his lack of foreign policy leadership and weak response to attacks on our embassies have shown radical Islamists and the rest of America's enemies that they can get away with pushing us around?

If we don’t defeat this man and his feckless foreign policy in November, the safety and sovereignty of this great nation and that of all our allies around the world will be in grave danger.

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