Sunday, September 09, 2012

Obama Gets Post-Convention Bump

The parade of freaks, geeks, dependents and class warfare warriors apparently was a hit with the ObamaBot Zombies:

President Barack Obama got a sizeable bump coming out of the Democratic National Convention last week, according to several major polls released over the weekend.

A weekend Gallup poll shows Obama, who took pulling ahead of GOP contender Mitt Romney by four percentage points.
For weeks, most polls have shown Obama and Romney in a dead heat. His job approval number now stands at 52 percent, a nine-point jump since late August.

This despite what many considered a middling convention speech -- overshadowed by former President Bill Clinton's stunner -- and a bad jobs number report released on Friday. Obama has now transformed a two-point deficit into a four-point advantage.

These numbers might have more credibility if it weren't for the fact that they come from the same polling groups David Axelrod was bullying last week. 

Here's my theory: Slobbering ObamaBot Zombies, oversampling of Democrats and the fact that more welfare recipients answer the phone are responsible for these numbers -- shades of Reagan/Carter and Reagan/Mondale post convention ... And we know how those turned out. If I'm wrong and this holds up at the ballot box we apparently are a nation full of morons on the dole and we deserve what we get ... And the rest of us sane folks didn't do enough to convince others that the road Obama is leading us down is turning us into the world's largest Venezuela. For the time being, I will employ the power of positive thinking and prefer to believe that there is no way better than 50% of us are stupid enough to vote us into dependence, misery and tyranny.

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