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Lies and the Lying Liberals Who Tell Them Part Two

I must begin this installment with an apology to Robert Reich for calling him a troll. In reality, he doesn't look much like a troll but he bears a striking resemblance to a garden gnome:

If you could also see that Mr. Reich is, in fact, not much taller than your average garden gnome, the resemblance would make even more sense. Again apologies to Mr. Reich for saying he looked like a troll. That was extremely unfair.  Now on with the critique of his lame piece parroting the new leftist talking point that the Republican ticket are 'liars". 

As I mentioned yesterday, liberal lemming columnists are so predictable that deconstructing one liberal's lame column on the liberal talking point du jour is like deconstructing all of them -- not an original thought to be found. Liberals have no substantive position with which to criticize a Romney and Ryan, and therefore, have to resort to attacks. And liberals have made it clear that, for lack of anything else to attack, they are going to attempt to paint two squeaky-clean guys as liars. In the first installment of this series I deconstructed Des Moines Register columnist Rehka Basu's lies, now I'll do the same with Mr. Reich's lies. They are, in fact, nearly one in the same.

Reich joins Basu's fight from the top of the ticket. What is Reich's assertion? Do you even need to ask? Of course, Mitt Romney is a liar. What a surprise!

Reich is Bill Clinton's former Labor Secretary who in the past has tried to sell himself as an "economist" but has been so discredited in that regard that this article simply lists him as a  "professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley" which is code for "leftist hack on one of the most left-wing college campuses in the country".

Reich's short column is such an embarrassment that it is hardly worth refuting. In that regard, it bears a striking resemblance to the Basu's column which I critiqued earlier. It's instructive to critique Reich's column if for no other reason than to demonstrate the leftist lemming mentality pervasive in liberal thought. It's almost as if these two columns came out of the same demented leftist brain.

For example, Basu called Ryan a liar for asserting that Obama was going to slash $716 billion from Medicare. This is one of those lies that is going to be repeated frequently and with reckless abandon throughout the campaign in the hope that lefties can make it stick.  Reich parrots this lie and simply swaps names:

A half dozen fact-checking organizations and websites have refuted Romney’s claims that Obama removed the work requirement from the welfare law and will cut Medicare benefits by $216 billion.

Last Sunday’s New York Times even reported on its front page that Romney has been “falsely charging” President Obama with removing the work requirement. Those are strong words from the venerable Times. Yet Romney is still making the false charge. Ads containing it continue to be aired.
Same "fact" different name. And the $216 billion is a typo because is has been well established that Obama is cutting $716 billion in payments to providers. These cuts are already causing providers to drop Medicare patients.  So whose lying here, I ask you, Reich and Basu or the facts? So much for the "venerable" New York Times front page. And BTW, fact-checking has turned into it's own cottage business that can be used to certify a set of slanted "facts" whichever direction you care to slant them. Media Matters for America likes to fancy itself a serious fact-checking organization that fact checks Fox News. Is it any surprise, they are repeating the same "lie" mantra regarding the Republican ticket on its web page? Just another example of liberals marching in lockstep with one another.

Of course Reich repeats the usual blather about Fox News being right-wing. and -- surprise -- so does the Media Matters web site, completely neglecting the numerous left-leaning commentators on the cable channel. I challenge any of these liars to find as many conservative commentators and hosts on CNN and MSNBC as Fox News has liberals. 

This last is absolutely hilarious:
Together, these three mechanisms are creating a parallel Republican universe of Orwellian dimension – where anything can be asserted, where pollsters and political advisers are free to create whatever concoction of lies will help elect their candidate, and where “fact-checkers” are as irrelevant and intrusive as is the truth.
And here, Reich again is making my central  point: Liberals will tell you something that is the exact opposite of the truth and figure that if they repeat it enough, it will become fact in the minds of most Americans. The fact is that for the last four years we've been living in a parallel Democrat universe where their candidate said of his nomination that:

"This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal."  

Absolutely incredible, but not much worse than these whoppers:

1. That Obama has created more jobs than Ronald Reagan when the facts are  that unemployment is at it's longest sustained level of 8% or higher in the last 75 years and the labor participation rate is at its lowest level in 30 years. 
2. Republicans want to put Blacks back in chains -- a claim audaciously uttered by VP Joe Biden and yet to be repudiated by anyone in the Obama camp. 
3. Republicans want "dirtier air and dirtier water". Do you actually think that Mitt Romney wants "dirtier air and dirtier water" for his five boys and 18 grand kids? Do you think Paul Ryan wants his three kids to breath and drink "dirtier air and dirtier water". 
4. The "rich" don't "pay their fair share" in taxes which is provably ludicrous.
5. Mitt Romney paid only 13% in taxes which fails to note that this is on investment income which he had to earn before investing and therefore already paid income tax on. In other words, he was taxed twice on this income. It's worth pointing out that this double-taxation hits middle income investors as well.
6. Businesses are under-regulated. Anyone who owns a business or works in mid-level management and up in ANY business can tell you that OVER-regulation strangles business and sinks many medium and small businesses every year. 
7. Obamacare will reduce health care costs and increase coverage for all. This is lie has been so universally discredited  that it doesn't even need to be sourced anymore -- just do a search for Obamacare and health care costs. This fact is further confirmed by looking at the historic under-projection of government entitlement health care costs. The federal government has a lousy track record of accurately predicting future health care costs.

It is important to point out here that none of these false claims can be chalked up to campaign hyperbole -- most of these are solid platform planks of the Democratic Party repeated time and time again by Obama and his minions. I could go on and on here, but I think I've proven the point -- liberals MUST lie to keep their ideology alive. Taking apart their falsehoods is like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Next installment: Putting the lie to the liberal spin on many of this political season's campaign issues.  

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