Saturday, September 29, 2012

Please Mr. Obama, Can You Spare a Pill (or a Rubber)?

Seriously? Is this what we are reduced to? A bunch of commie pinko lefty women who buy the canard that Republicans want to keep them barefoot and pregnant. Meanwhile, they worship a president who defines ALL women by their vaginas and thinks all they care about is a presidential ticket that can provide freebies that cater to their reproductive organs.

I thought this was some silly joke when I first saw it. But on closer inspection, the picture above is actually a communication by a bunch of barefoot and pregnant ObamaBot Zombie women -- or barefoot and fresh from the abortion clinic where they received their "reproductive health services" -- to American women everywhere to attempt to convince them that the most important issue in their lives should be whether or not they receive overpriced birth control free of charge from the taxpayer. Apparently these idiots are counting on everyone else to be as stupid as they are and not realize that you can get a pack of birth control pills for less than ten bucks a month at the local Wal Mart.  But forget the facts and logic, these militant Zombies want women everywhere to believe that, like Julia, the heroine of their web site, the once and fallen messiah's policies will take care of them from cradle to grave.

With real unemployment at 14+%, real inflation rampant, gas prices at record highs and double what they were when Barry took office, the national debt larger than the annual cost of all goods and services produced in this country and projected to rise past $20 trillion should we re-elect Barry and Bozo, I'm willing to bet that most women will see past this shameless pandering to their vaginas and help the men in their lives vote Barry's sorry ass out of office in a little over a month.

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