Friday, September 14, 2012

Jimmy Carter Supports Obama's "Carter Doctrine"

Yes, this doddering old fool who can't seem to keep his mouth shut is running his mouth again. But this time his diarrhea of the mouth is going to hurt the guy he wants to help. It seems that ole' Jimma' is talking about how he "handled" problems in the Middle East during his presidency. Which is bad for Barry because it highlights the similarities between the weakest two presidencies in modern history barely six weeks before the election. Of course the lefty college types lapped up Carter's message of war and conflict through weakness:

Carter got a very positive response in Des Moines Thursday when he defended his use of negotiations instead of war to solve international problems.
He said that in 1979 some of his advisers urged him to punish Iran militarily for taking the hostages, and he was told, "If you go to war, you're kind of a hero. If you stay out of war and prefer peace, you're too weak."
He did order a rescue attempt that failed. But he said a broader military strike would have killed tens of thousands of innocent Iranian civilians, so he resorted to negotiations, which were ultimately successful.
"Many people still look on that as a symbol that I was a weak president," he said. "But sometimes it takes more courage to preserve the peace than to go to war." At that point, many in the audience at Drake University gave him a sustained ovation.

This man has not gotten any smarter since he was president. "Sometimes it takes more courage to preserve the peace"? What in the hell is he talking about, "preserve the peace"? There was no "peace" Jimmy. Then, as now, we were at war -- a war we didn't ask for, a war we didn't start but a war nonetheless. And when you are attacked, you attack back harder and stronger which is something we were more than capable of doing but instead chose to stand by and wring out hands. And I hate to break it to this delusional old fool, but his "negotiations" were a hell of a lot less successful than was this absolutely certainty: That the fires of hell were going to reign down on this collection of radical nut jobs as soon at new President Ronald Reagan removed his hand from the Bible. This is perhaps why we had a split screen on that day in 1981 simultaneously showing Reagan being sworn in and the hostages returning home. This is what is called peace through strength.

And speaking of peace through strength, this doctrine worked to preserve the peace for the entire eight years of the Reagan presidency like no "too weak" president such as Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama could. And we are experiencing the spectacle of the weakest presidency in the last 100+ years.  

Obama's "Carter doctrine" is even weaker than the original Carter Doctrine. Don't take my word for it, ask Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO:

Jack Welch, once the CEO of General Electric, now runs his own management institute.  From his perch on Twitter, he looked down upon the Obama administration’s handling of the current Mideast crisis and felt an unwelcome pang of nostalgia on Thursday morning: “American leadership today in the Middle East is reminiscent of Carter in 1979 …
Obama's handling of the current Middle East crisis is far worse than Carter's handling of the Iranian hostage crisis. The Middle East is on fire and he can't even be bothered to attend his daily intelligence briefings. Instead he flies off on campaign junkets, jokes around with Hip Hop DJs and never calls out by name the radical Islamists who are slaughtering diplomats.

Carter's weakness was seen for what it was, he was booted out of office on his ass and the world is a better place for it. Let's hope and pray the same thing happens with Obama. 

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