Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama Team Lowers Expectations for Debates

They've been lowering expectations for his first term for months now. You know the routine .... "inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression" blah de frickin' blah and on and on. But I digress. Despite ample available evidence that this guy trips over his tongue almost as much as Bozo Biden the Veep Jester when he's off prompter (parents rush to the emergency room to get their kid a Breathalyzer, Egypt isn't an ally but it isn't an enemy ... you know that kind of stuff.) we've always been sold the line that he's a superb masturbater... er, debater. But really folks, how good a debater do you have to be to best John McCain in a debate? The ObamaBot Zombie campaign team realizes that Mitt Romney will probably approach the 2012 debates with slightly more zest that his previous lackluster opponent. And so they are setting about the business of lowering debate expectations for their once and fallen messiah:

"While Mitt Romney has done 20 debates in the last year, he has not done one in four years, so there certainly is a challenge in that regard," Jennifer Psaki, Obama's campaign spokeswoman, said of the president on Monday.
With Obama edging slightly ahead of Romney in public polling seven weeks from Election Day, the three October debates could be one of the Republicans' best opportunities to break through with voters. But the high-profile events are just as crucial for Obama, who was an uneven debater during the 2008 Democratic primaries.
In that way, some of the Obama campaign's tactical lowering of expectations is also rooted in the truth. Aides say the structured — and time-limited — nature of the debates isn't a natural fit for Obama, who often is long-winded when answering questions during news conferences or town hall-style meetings.
Face it, Forward losers, your candidate is a pud. As a president, he's a pud. As a candidate, he's a pud. He'd screw up the happy birthday song if it wasn't running on a TelePrompter in front of him. It's not that he's long-winded, it's just that it takes him eight years to get out a cogent point out on the rare occasions that he DOES get out a cogent point. And speaking of rare occasions, when does he EVER have a "news conference or town hall-style meeting"? More often than not, as he has done during this entire Middle East crisis, he makes idiotic pronouncements and retreats back into the safety of the White House, our plane or limo or his campaign bus. And by the way, "the polls" had Jimma Cata leading Ronaldus Magnus by a large margin at this point in the 1980 presidential race and the sorry excuse for a president lost his ass at the ballot box six weeks later.

Bottom line: Lower the expectations all you want, ObamaBot Zombies. I'm willing to bet that Mitt Romney will do so well in the debates that it will be difficult for even the sycophants in the leftist "Forward" media to spin the outcome for Obama. And I predict that the Biden/Ryan debate is going to be even uglier for Biden.

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