Sunday, September 02, 2012

Souix City Rocks: Obama SUX

The owners of an airplane hangar at the Sioux City airport (SUX) wanted to make sure the president was clear on one thing when he landed at the airport the other day: They built this.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — President Obama received a less than warm welcome and a warning upon arrival at the airport here on the second stop of his Iowa visit, which was aimed at recapturing some of the magic the state gave his run to the White House in 2008.
Greeting Air Force One as it touched down under sunny skies and sultry heat was  a hand-painted banner draped across the top of an airplane hangar that reads, “Obama Welcome to SUX – We Did Build This.” “SUX” is the airport code for Sioux City.
Barry's campaign people are hoping against hope that they can change minds in Northwest Iowa:

This time around, the president’s campaign believes it can turn the Sioux City region blue by appealing to middle class values and highlighting the administration’s record of tax cuts for small businesses and families.
“We know the President has strong support in Sioux City so it was important to the him to spend time visiting with familiar faces and energizing people at this pivotal time leading up to election day,” said Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki.
Forget it, commies. One county in Northwest Iowa went 84% for Bush in 2004 -- the biggest percent of any county in the country -- and Obama lost big in this part of the state in 2008 despite winning the state with 54% or the overall vote last time.  These folks have their heads on straight and the aren't going to vote for Obama this time either. Don't waste your time, Barry, you can't fool them.

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