Thursday, September 13, 2012

The DNC's Freudian Warship Backdrop

It took the organizers of the Democratic National Convention six frickin' days to apologize for using a backdrop of Russian warships in its tribute to OUR veterans:

The organizers of the Democratic National Convention apologized on Wednesday for accidentally using an image of Soviet-era Russian warships in its backdrop during a tribute to veterans at last week's convention in Charlotte, N.C.
The ships were shown on a screen behind 50 veterans assembled onstage Sept. 6 during a presentation by retired Adm. John Nathman.

"Due to vendor error, incorrect images appeared briefly on screen behind fifty-one veterans during the convention and the DNCC apologizes for this mistake," a Democratic National Convention Committee spokeswoman said in a statement to the Navy Times. "This error should not distract from the words of Admiral Nathman and others who spoke to President Obama's strong record on issues that impact those who have served our nation."
At least the Democrats have learned well from their leader -- never take responsibility for anything you can blame on someone else.  But worse than them not owning up to their mistake is the dismissive attitude their "apology" takes towards this grievous insult to everyone who has worn the uniform and fought for our great country.

With the way Democrats like to genuflect to our enemies -- and make no mistake Russia is every bit the enemy the Soviet Union was due to the abandonment of peace through strength by William Jefferson the Philanderer -- you can't help but wonder if this was just another act of genuflection towards a jealous weakened loser nation whose president would like nothing better than to dominate us. I bet Vladimir Putin got a good laugh out of this -- at the expense of the 51 military men and women standing in front of a backdrop of Russian warships. 

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